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No Coast Film Fest

2020 Winners

Grand Jury Prize

Chosen by our panel of judges for overall excellence of craft.

Audience Choice Award

Selected by popular vote as a festival favorite.
Kraken Award

Award given for the short that was the displays excellence of craft and left us pleasantly suprised.

No Coast Film Fest 2020 winner's laurel wreath for The Kraken award

More About The Winners

The Coral Guardian - David Dincer

Winner - 2020 Grand Jury Prize

Poster for "The Coral Guardian" short film. Antique diving suit underwater

When a drowned deep-sea diver is given another chance at life, he discovers a new home. A compelling story about the changing underwater world and the precarious connection between man and nature.

Directed by David I. Dincer, a student academy award nominated underwater cinematographer from Germany. His uncle used to be a sea biologist and taught him a lot about the ocean and diving. He was so amazed by this “new world” that he specialized in underwater cinematography and his graduation film was shot completely underwater. The ocean is an underwater playground for infinite ideas, and David is excited to follow up on similar ideas in the future.

Socks & Robbers - David Lilley

Winner - 2020 Kraken Award

Poster for "Socks & Robbers" short film. Sock puppets in suits against red background

A gang of notorious sock-headed criminals commit the biggest bank heist of their careers. Things start to fall apart when they find out an undercover cop has infiltrated their ranks.

Director David Lilley has been making short films and music videos for over 20 years. He graduated from Staffordshire University with a degree in Film Studies in 1997. He relocated to Nottingham where he started making self-funded short films and music videos and integrating himself into the local filmmaking community. During this time, he has had films shown on Channel 4, had multiple international festival screenings as well as hosting several short film nights for national and local filmmakers. He was also a two-time finalist in the Nokia Shorts contest and was nominated for a BIFA award in 2006.


In 2011 David branched out and started working with a number of comedians on comedy shorts and sketches. He has worked closely with comedy writers Julie Bower (So Awkward) and Mark O’Connell (Catching Bullets) and award-winning sketch duo McNeil and Pamphilon from Dara O Briains Go-8 Bit and The History Girls. In 2011 David picked up the audience award at the Cofilmic awards for his comedy short film The Office Orphan. In 2012 David served on the Jury for the Leeds International Film Festival where he also presented his film Saw Misgivings out of competition. In 2014 David was awarded a grant from Creative England as part of their iShorts scheme to produce a 10-minute short entitled Shiner starring Melvyn Hayes. Currently David is developing a number of shorts and feature projects in both a producer and director capacity as well as running the Short Stack film night in Nottingham. 

Exploration Kansas - Nick Abt

Winner - 2020 Audience Choice Award


A short documentary highlighting the rugged beauty of Kansas! Featuring interviews with the top minds in Kansas Geology and Paleontology, this film takes an in depth look at the Smoky and Gypsum Hills.

Nick Abt is a videographer, graphic designer, and sound engineer with a passion for documentary film making. Originally from central Florida, Nick moved out to Kansas in 2011 and fell in love with the land here. His favorite past time is making films that challenge the widespread belief that Kansas is flat and boring.

Custom 2020 Glass Awards

2020 Award Acceptances

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