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SATURDAY | After Dark

7:34 PM

The Uniform

Dir. Dylan Gary

Run Time

18m 31s



Content Warnings: 

Language, Nudity, Sexual Assault


Brooklyn, NY


THE UNIFORM tells the story of a lonely, somewhat unhinged woman who has slipped through the cracks of life, and the extremes to which she will go in her search for human connection.

Filmed in The Bronx in fall 2022, and featuring a blisteringly raw performance by Jammie Patton (The Devil You Know, Flatbush Misdemeanors, Justified) and stunning cinematography by Jeff Hutchens (Remember This, Maddoff: The Monster Of Wall Street, Murder In Big Horn), The Uniform explores the desperate need for basic relationship in an ever-fragmenting world.

More Info:

Writer/Director Dylan Gary began his screenwriting career on the writing staff of HBO's critically-acclaimed series Tell Me You Love Me. Since then he's had his original pilot Behind The Sun included in Sundance TV’s 2015 development slate, received a "blind pilot" deal from Sony Television, and was hired to do an adaptation of a novel by Steve Buscemi’s company Olive Productions.

But film and filmmaking is Dylan’s first love and deepest passion. And he's recently formed Three Umbrella Films, a New York based production company focusing on low and micro-budget features.

His short film, The Uniform, is the first film under the Three Umbrella Films banner, and the hope is that it will be helpful in attracting like-minded filmmakers and artists to collaborate with for years to come.

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