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FRIDAY | Opening Night

6:51 PM

Don Johnson Is Not Your Man

Dir. Kathryn Lunte

Run Time

11m 47s



Content Warnings: 



Chicago, IL


Set in the late 80s in Ohio, this coming-of-age story follows a young teenage girl who observes her older brother’s obsession with the TV show Miami Vice and his descent from selling cookies at the mall to dealing cocaine.

More Info:

Kathryn Lunte is a filmmaker and screenwriter. She has an MFA from Columbia College and has worked on numerous film projects across a variety of roles (from PD to AD to DP and everything in between). Never able to tie down her creative energy, she explores art across mediums but always finds herself coming back to the moving image. Kathryn’s artistry utilizes sociology and historical studies as a means to understand both herself and the world around her; her creativity a means of navigating and understanding the complexities of this human condition. Born alongside dial-up internet and raised in Lawrence, often cited as the ‘only Liberal town in Kansas’, Kathryn grew up slowly in the midst of a political oxymoron. Raised Catholic by two Chemists, nuance and complication have always been a part of Kathryn’s understanding of the world. Her cross-genre work explores the doublethink of our shared cultural consciousness through a personal, specific lens.

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