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3:01 PM

I Need Your Help

Dir. Jack Clayton

Run Time

09m 00s



Content Warnings: 



Wichita, KS


Two friends embark on a late night quest that will change both their lives, and their thoughts of each other.

More Info:

Jack Clayton is a writer and a director, recently graduating from Wichita State University with a double major in Communications and Filmmaking. While he's still relatively new to the scene of filmmaking, he does have some notable works under his belt such as '4431: The Israel Naor Story' and 'Waiting for the Train'.

Jack Clayton has had a passion for filmmaking for as long as he can remember. First thinking he was going to go into entertainment journalism, Clayton found his true calling that was filmmaking in college. With great teachers and mentors at his side, Clayton has really learned to hone his craft and tell the stories that speak to him.

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