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1:20 PM


Dir. Derek Brown

Run Time

09m 37s



Content Warnings: 



Brooklyn, NY


"Blame" is a drama that follows three combative sisters who visit their mother for the first time in an Assisted Living Facility, which they forced her to move into. The film opens in a non-linear fashion, with a fateful phone call made by one of the sisters, Maude, outside the Assisted Living Facility. This call is intercut with the flashback of the sisters' arrival, their reminiscing upon the childhood they shared with their brother, Bryan, and their mother's repeated denial of her daughters visit through an unsuspecting Nurse Jackson.

Dorothy Hunter, played by Karen Lynn Gorney ("Saturday Night Fever", "The Sopranos"), looms large over the story from afar as the tension builds with her each denial. Suddenly, when a conflict simmering under the surface reaches a boil, it becomes a full-blown crisis, turning a family on edge into a family on the verge of falling apart.

"Blame" explores how siblings can revert to their adolescent squabbles regardless of age and asks the question - can a broken family in crisis put the past behind them and reconcile?

More Info:

Derek cut his teeth early in his career in non-fiction, playing the role of cinematographer on "Back In Time" the hit documentary on Netflix/Hulu, and "Legacy: Bob Hurley," an award-winning six-part mini-series for Showtime Sports, during which he was the series cinematographer and editor. He also directed and edited a comedy special for New York comedian, Nore Davis, entitled "You Guys Are Dope," which premiered on Amazon Prime and iTunes in May of 2018. Derek’s first original documentary short "Who The F*ck is Jeffrey Gurian?" garnered acclaim during its COVID-induced digital-only release. It was selected by Short Of The Week, Booooooom TV, Film Shortage, and as a Vimeo Staff Pick. He began a foray into the scripted originals’ world when he co-produced the indie feature film "Go/Don’t Go," directed by Alex Knapp, which has played to rave reviews at festivals from coast to coast. In addition to these projects, he has directed, edited, produced, and shot numerous commercials and branded films for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. “Stages” is his scripted debut as a writer and director in originals. To view all of Derek’s work, visit

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