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SATURDAY | Documentary pt I

11:29 am

From Great Water - Kvichak Fish Co

Dir. Andrew Bydlon

Run Time

13m 56s



Content Warnings: 

Animal Processing


Bristol Bay, Alaska


Native run salmon is as wild as the Alaskan rivers they swim. It stays that way because of a community that protects its waters and dedicates itself to the idea that a fish that feeds so many deserves respect. Amanda Wlaysewski, owner of Kvichak Fish Company, shows the quality and sustainability that are possible when individuals hold this focus all the way from the fishing vessels in the great waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska to your dinner plate.

More Info:

Andrew is a creative director, cinematographer, photographer, and problem solver. Born in Minnesota, trained in advertising, experienced in conceptual ideation and commercial content development. Over the last decade, Andrew has photographed the journey to Mt. Everest with a cancer foundation, co-managed the photo department of a national award-winning magazine, and founded a full-service production company.
He has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for NGOs, educational programming, and small businesses. In addition, his commercial campaign work for such clients as REI, Eddie Bauer, Bedrock Sandals, and other companies is fixed in multi-platform compatibility. Andrew’s experience bringing commercial projects to life has helped him transition his motivation into conservation-focused activism.

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