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SATURDAY | After Dark

7:18 PM


Dir. Jillian Corsie

Run Time

04m 00s


Horror, Animation, Dark Comedy

Content Warnings: 

Animated Violence


Santa Monica, CA


Fed up with decades of abuse from forced perfection, a vengeful TOOTH takes matters into its own hands, launching a full scale attack.

More Info:

From the director: I’m an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor with a passion for telling stories that draw viewers into the heart of the human experience. Recent editing highlights include Desert Angel, a documentary about a man who risks his life to save migrants lost in the desert along the US/Mexico border, Body Electric, a film that explores body image in the LGBTQ community, and Secrets of the Viking Stone, a 6 part documentary series (Discovery Channel).

As a doc filmmaker, I love telling character-driven stories with a social impact. My feature directorial debut, Trichster, focuses on the lives of people living with the body-focused repetitive behavior, trichotillomania. My latest documentary, Second Assault, explores the trauma of reporting sexual violence, and the "second assault" survivors often experience when they are not believed. These films have been featured in Huffington Post, Refinery29, ABC News, and ABC's 2020 and continue to have an impact as educational documentaries on college campuses. Second Assault is also currently used as a police training tool at several police departments across the US.

Alongside my documentary work, I’ve edited commercials and branded content for major brands like Apple, Gatorade, Airbnb, Uniqlo, and Lexus. I also work as an editing consultant, helping directors find and craft the strongest stories possible, and am currently the documentary film programmer at the Los Angeles-based Salute Your Shorts Film Festival.

I’ve been making films for as long as I can remember, and although my tastes have evolved from re-creating Britney Spears music videos & SNL sketches as a kid to directing social impact documentaries and editing branded content as an adult, I remain as committed as ever to telling powerful stories. When I’m not focused on filmmaking, you can find me walking along the beaches of Santa Monica or watching TikToks cuddled up next to my cat, Sasha.

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