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SATURDAY | Documentary

2:32 PM

This is San Esteban

Dir. Devin Clarke

Run Time

14m 00s



Content Warnings: 



Lawrence, KS


In 'This is San Esteban' a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Rolfe Mandel conducts an excavation in West Texas at a site called San Esteban, hoping to uncover evidence of First Peoples migration in the region. The team, including Erica, Lauren, Kara, Brian, and Chris, uses advanced tools and techniques to examine artifacts and rock art found in the shelter. They make an incredible discovery of ancient corn and hunting gear, indicating early agriculture and contact with other groups. Despite challenges posed by the site's roof collapse, they remain optimistic about the potential to unlock the secrets of the past and understand human migration patterns.

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Husband. Father. Filmmaker.

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