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SATURDAY | After Dark

7:13 PM

The Discarded

Dir. Ben Hahn

Run Time

05m 18s


Horror, Animation, Sci Fi

Content Warnings: 



Wichita, KS


An experimental, animated sci-fi short told from the perspective of a sentient android who, following a devastating accident, is left paralyzed and immobile in a mysterious concrete room. Unable to move or speak, the android must silently observe the happenings of this strange, desolate space. However, the android's battery is running out and distant noises indicate that something else dwells in this place…

More Info:

Growing up in rural Nebraska, Ben spent much of his childhood making home movies with his brother. When he got older, he started posting his creations to YouTube. Over the years Ben has enjoyed making stop-motion animation, Minecraft videos, podcasts, comedy sketches, parody films, and now 3D animation. After graduating high school, Ben moved to Wichita, KS to study animation at WSU under their new Media Arts program at Shocker Studios. Although he draws much of his inspiration from video games, internet culture, and new media, Ben’s true passions lie in developing close relationships and finding creative new ways to understand those that are different from him.

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