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4:06 PM

Raja's Had Enough

Dir. Ekaterina (Katia) Saiapina

Run Time

11m 12s


Dark Comedy

Content Warnings: 

Sexual Assault, Violence


United Kingdom


Raja is a creature in human form working at The Afterlife Bureau, where souls are processed after their death. Fed up after years of processing femicide victims, Raja sneaks to Earth to save a stranger Zoey from her upcoming murder.

More Info:

Katia moved to the UK at the age of 17 to follow her passion for telling powerful stories through a moving image.

She graduated with a BA in Cinematography and a MA in Directing Fiction. Being in love with the artistic environment of her hometown, Katia has a background in painting and music which both inspire her to discover her path as a fiction director.

To this day, Katia has directed short films that are all wary in their genres and storytelling techniques. She enjoys experimenting with different formats and approaches to filmmaking in order to discover new original ways and research deeper into the power of visual narratives.

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