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3:31 PM

Not a Big Deal

Dir. Michael L. Garcia

Run Time

17m 03s



Content Warnings: 



North Hollywood, CA


When a cute coworker loses her car in DTLA, a charming caterer offers to help her look for it in hopes that they may form a connection. There's only one problem, she’s currently dating someone else.

More Info:

Michael L. Garcia has been making films since he was a teenager when he got his first VHS-C camcorder from a pawn shop. Originally from Houston, TX, he now calls Los Angeles his home base. His directing credits include a number of commercials and the short films The Group, Flagged, Next Day Blur, Dan Meets Up With Daniel, and the upcoming films Not A Big Deal and Stuck.

Michael began his career in media working for NBA Entertainment, first as a host and then as one of the first online content creators for the league. Since then he has been directing, writing, or producing content for a number of outlets and brands including Comedy Central, Universal, MLB, Sprite, Adidas, T-Mobile, Sephora, Olaplex, and many more.

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