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SATURDAY | After Dark

6:45 PM


Dir. Jaimie Conlon

Run Time

15m 07s



Content Warnings: 

Language, Discussions of abortion




After two years away, Cally returns to her sleepy hometown for an abortion, accompanied by her ex-boyfriend. Over the course of one night at a paddock-party, the two awkwardly navigate their tumultuous feelings surrounding her pregnancy, and Cally attempts to reconnect with an estranged once-best-friend.

More Info:

Jaimie Conlon is a recent graduate from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, where she specialised in writing and directing.

Jaimie grew up in the small town of Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills. In South Australia, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television Production from Adelaide College of the Arts. Jaimie’s graduating film, ‘Amelia’, was nominated for the South Australian Screen Awards in 2019. Her producing credits include ‘Bloody Red Riding Hood’, an 18-minute retro slasher screened at ‘Monsterfest Adelaide’, in 2019. Her choreography credits include 'A little Blue Pill Called Song', which took home the Audience Choice Award at Pierre Cardin's Lacoste Music Festival in 2021.

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