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4:59 PM

God Hospital

Dir. Dan Fite, Jr.

Run Time

15m 00s


Drama, Horror

Content Warnings: 

Blood, Flashing Lights


Decatur, AL


Rae, a young woman whose teeth have rotted, must journey into the backwoods to seek a storied religious healer named Dove for a mysterious ritual with a drink made from herbs picked from his “Third Day Garden”. Based upon Genevieve Hudson's short story, "God Hospital."

More Info:

Dan Fite, Jr. began making films as a teenager in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama after being diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis at 12 years old. While he was not allowed to play sports with his disease, he honed his filmmaking craft throughout high school before attending film school at Belmont University in Nashville. He is now based out of Los Angeles. While he loves living in LA, his storytelling heart is still in Alabama. His newest film, GOD HOSPITAL, was proudly produced in his home state.

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