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SATURDAY | Documentary

2:28 PM

A Carousel in the Rain

Dir. Jaro Jääskeläinen

Run Time

03m 18s



Content Warnings: 





A Carousel in the Rain is a short film about finding happiness in being by yourself through difficult times and looking for a glimmer of hope in finding your love and sharing true happiness.

More Info:

Jaro Jääskeläinen was born in 1989 in Finland. First steps in filmmaking he took in 2002 when he started experimenting creative ways of capturing moving images on his family video camera. Over the years he has participated in various film productions, in which he has had diverse roles. By compelling storytelling through different genres his vision is to positively affect the way that people are experiencing films.

Since 2010 he is producing new film projects through his production company TALJA Films. He currently divides his time between his home country Finland and Hungary.

Selected filmography: Texas Sun (2021), A Training Day (2020), Makarska (2020), In Search of the Sun (2019), Expedition Waterfall (2018), Arkona (2017), The Last Mission (2016), Roxander (2015), Shapes of Nature (2013), Jermu (2012).

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