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4:20 PM

5G Migraine

Dir. Roque Santiago Gonzalez

Run Time

09m 49s


Dark Comedy

Content Warnings: 

Flashing Lights, language


Los Angeles, CA


In a sea of millions of short films created by queer women and directed by Hispanic immigrants, we think 5G Migraine is a standout. Like any classic conspiracy theory narrative, 5G Migraine is drenched in logos and subversive advertising, features eccentric characters, an original music score, and stars mostly queer non-actors. 5G Migraine employs all the timeless cinematic cliches of a psychedelic orgiastic burger feast, while promising to surprise you with a new perspective on ground beef that has yet to be seen on the big screen. Speaking of the commodification of fear…is there a cash prize?

More Info:

Roque is an emerging filmmaker from California. 5G Migraine is their first film.

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