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Think I Found Forever

Directed by: 

Tony Murnahan

Loneliness was a constant companion for Mark. He was beginning to think that he was destined to be lonely in his golden years until a chance encounter with Melanie sparked his heart and made him believe in love again. Mark knew Melanie was the one. She was the center of his universe and wanted to shower her with attention and his love. From walks on the beach to showing affection in the kitchen, her kindness and warmth reached out and grabbed his heart. After sharing so many special moments, Mark decided to plan something unforgettable and special. He planned a beach picnic for them on a special secluded beach near his home. Each detail was meticulously planned so the day would be perfect. He led Melanie blindfolded down the beach and took off her blindfold. He watched her jaw drop and her eyes fill with tears. It was perfect! There were dozens of candles lighting up the cozy blanket along with a picnic basket filled with food and wine. Mark knelt on one knee, pulled out a stunning engagement ring and asked Melanie to marry him. Melanie was so overwhelmed and let his love wash over her. With tears of joy in her eyes, she nodded yes and they embraced. His dreams had come true and his lonely days were over.

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