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Revisited - Life is Short

Directed by: 

Terry Lee Whetstone

Music/Video about Life. Starts with the hourglass running the sands quickly into a child wood rocking horse and a child at play. Then entering a nice home and over time homes can vanish. With time taken to look over old photos into a fancy clock showing time going by fast in Life. A couple having a nice outing enjoying each other but over the years there can be health issues but still enjoy Life. The wife ends up in wheelchair and as time goes by, he becomes along on walks with a dog as a companion. Home is empty and the time of remembering your son's wood rocking horse and playing on the floor. The hourglass is running down fast, as he sets with his old friends. Walks over bridges alone. As the years have passed they now in spirit walk by the same bench in the park they once walked by. So, now the old wood rocking chair is setting there empty and rocking in the breeze. So, live your Life by your own script for it is short.

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