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FRIDAY | Opening Night

7:35 PM

Fly Free

Dir. Ann Hawker

Run Time

14m 25s


Comedy, Drama

Content Warnings: 



London, UK


Eighty year old Mary blows her life savings on a sports car but can she convince her controlling daughter, Fiona, to fly free...? Fiona, has sold Mary's old car. Now Mary's trapped watching the birds fly free outside her window. She can only dream of escape, but when she sees the beautiful red sports car gleaming in the sunlight she acts. It's all her savings, but who cares? The open road and new adventures are calling her. Until Fiona arrives home. Fiona is lost on the treadmill of work and family. She thinks the car is a deathtrap and it's going back. Mary knows they are both imprisoned and it's up to her to lead them to freedom

More Info:

Ann Hawker is a writer and director in drama and documentary films. She has a long track record in making standout films for UK and US broadcasters, including BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and CNN. Her drama work includes Smugglers (Channel 4), a drama based on the true stories of smugglers. Her personal experiences are her starting point in both her drama and documentary work and she consciously tells stories from a female perspective, often featuring older women whose voices are less often heard. She has also made observational documentaries on difficult subjects needing a delicate touch: children who have suffered bullying, babies abandoned at birth, IVF, and obesity in children. Her aim is to give voice to those people who feel they go unheard.

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