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FRIDAY | Opening Night

7:03 PM

Broken Hearts

Dir. Julie Magnaudet

Run Time

17m 03s


Drama, Comedy

Content Warnings: 



London, UK


Chloe, a regular at the Broken Hearts hospital and a desperate romantic, is back again after yet another romantic mishap. This time, Dr. Love agrees to prescribe her a rebound - the love-cynical Charlie, who's here on his first visit. They must undergo the treatment together, regardless of their clashing beliefs.

More Info:

Julie is a French-Swiss Writer/Director based in London, UK.

Originally from Toulouse, she grew up in Geneva and later moved to Toronto for her Bachelor’s degree. Following a 4-year degree in business, she decided to follow her passion for filmmaking and attended the London Film School to train as a Director.

Julie has always had a passion for writing. She started writing short stories at the age of 10, and had published her first novel, 'Le Chemin', in France in 2017, aged 19.

She has since developed her visual storytelling style - recently finishing her graduation short film 'Broken Hearts'.

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