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FRIDAY | Opening Night

7:58 PM

Apocalypse Notes: Music is in Danger

Dir. Pierre GAFFIÉ

Run Time

08m 07s



Content Warnings: 





What would happen if, like polar bears, music was about to dissapear ? If all of a sudden, all the melodies in the world are already composed ? if no new song could be invented ? How would mankind react ? That's what Thomas, a young and enthusiastic musician is about to say to Jeanne, his fiancée.

More Info:

After studying philosophy and cinéma at the Toulouse’s university, Pierre Gaffié started his career as a film critic for TV channel Canal Plus, in the daily live program Nulle part ailleurs (Nowehere else). He became bored with the job, and started to write scripts, on an independent basis.

His first short A woman in the juke-box gained some attention in film festivals. The pitch (A woman, lost in a forest, finds a 45 record single in a trunk, and becomes persuaded that the songs may soothe her...) was as surprising as many first films are.

Among his other films :
Relativity Explained to Children (Bronze award at the Festival of Nations, Lenzing, Austria), was a gentle and moving fable around a young couple and its child, Nicolas, who has the responsibility of teaching Einstein’s formula (E = MC2) to his fellows pupils.

The Dolphin Skin City (Best drama at the Media Film festival, Pennsylvania, USA) was a story about love and architecture and about the architecture of love. Its main message: creators and dreamers are very often very lonely. Eric, the main character, meets a florist Claire, who will put him on another side of life…

20 Meters of Love in Montmartre (77 selections around the globe) was, without any dialogue, the proof that perfect strangers can reach strange perfection. When they are able to pay attention to other people…

Constance, A Symphony of Kisses tells the story of Constance, a young and beautiful art student who realizes that time is NOT on her side, as all of her friends are now mothers... She finds a device to go and search for the right man, the one who will give her love, and a child. Maybe…

Radio Moon with her main character (Sibyl, a late night radio host), is an ode to the voices in the night, the persons who can help people to cope with their grieves. On a moonlit night, Sibyl has troubles with her personal life. But she’ ll find the strength, and the resources to save her listener, Michel, from a possible suicide. Sibyl is played by Marilyne FONTAINE, who won a prize at the Rome Film festival for a former film. She irradiates Radio Moon.

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