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FRIDAY | Opening Night

6:25 PM

A Bad Romance

Dir. Bex Bradshaw

Run Time

13m 37s


Dark Comedy

Content Warnings: 



West Hollywood, CA


When love-starved, hopeless romantic Maggie meets Melvin—a double dealing loser—in an online forum for the lovers of classic romantic cinema, she's hopeful he’s her real life Romeo. But after their promising date takes them back to his house, a surprise visit from Melvin's suspicious business associates starts to derail her hopes of a happily ever after.

More Info:

Bex Bradshaw’s (she/her) directing career began at the young age of 7, when she rebelliously stole her dad’s Sony handy-cam and began forcing her friends and family to star in her many homemade WHODUNITS, fake British tv shows and backyard music videos (mainly to the Spice Girls Self titled Album). It was also around this time she realized she was gay. Very gay. All of this would influence the filmmaker she would eventually become.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Bex Bradshaw is an award winning director now residing in Hollywood, CA. Her films are dark, quirky and character driven and usually centered around colorful and unconventional outcasts. Kind of like how she sees herself. Vivid and eye-catching set design helps achieve a timelessness to the worlds her stories live in. Her themes are always cheeky and subversive, touching on self and secret identities, sexuality and sometimes even perversion.

If you were to ask Bex, she would argue the nineties were the best decade for cinema. She spent the greater part of her twenties playing in punk and rock n roll bands, so it’s no surprise she finds most of her inspiration from the albums that soundtrack her life, and the oddballs who fill it.

Her 2019 film "Playmates" was a selection at the LA Comedy Festival, Washington DC’s LGBTQ Reel Affirmations Film Festival, and the Austin Revolution Film Festival where it picked up awards for Best Comedy and Best Actor. Bex's 2020 short film "This Charming Man" was an official selection at HBO's New York Latino Film Festival.

In early 2021, she released "360 Seconds", which Indie Shorts Mag called "a hallmark of incredible filmmaking", stated "This short is fantastically acted, shot, directed, designed and will leave you wanting more." In the summer of 2021 she released "Nineteen Ninety", a queer love story dedicated to her LGBTQIA2S+ family.

Bex firmly Believes if you step onto set the first day of production and don’t see a cast and crew as diverse and inclusive as the world we live in you’ve already failed as a director and producer.

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