SUNDAY | Best of the Fest

6:20 pm

The Coral Guardian

David Dincer

Run Time

10 m 30 s


Drama, Fantasy

Content Warnings: 


Guetersloh, Germany


When a drowned deep-sea diver is given another chance at life, he discovers a new home. A compelling story about the changing underwater world and the precarious connection between man and nature.

More Info:

The Coral Guardian was a student film, and won the 2020 Grand Jury Prize.

From the director:
"Coral bleaching leaves a clear mark, which has caused nearly half of the Great Barrier Reef to die. This film shows this problem through the unique perspective of an underwater ghost: The Coral Guardian. This is my filmic love letter to the ocean.

I am a student academy award nominated underwater cinematographer from Germany. My uncle used to be a sea biologist and taught me a lot about the ocean and diving. I was so amazed by this “new world” that I specialized in underwater cinematography and my graduation film was shot completely underwater. The Ocean is an underwater playground for infinite ideas. I wish to follow up on similarly exciting projects!"