SUNDAY | Best of the Fest

6:31 pm

The Bee

Sam Rocco

Run Time

13 m 35 s


Comedy, Action

Content Warnings: 


Los Angeles, CA


Fed up with the violence and bullying in her city, Sydney dresses up like a bee to fight crime, but a tragedy from her past is holding her back. With help from an old friend, Sydney finds the courage to stand up for herself and for her community.

More Info:

Winner of the 2019 Kraken Award, The Bee was a student film.

Before he was the most excellent director you’ve never heard of, Sam Rocco was a struggling actor, mediocre hip-hop producer, and Air Traffic Controller. He spent his childhood in New Jersey watching Spielberg movies and pretending to be a Ninja Turtle. He has a totally normal obsession with comics and action movies, and is determined to one day make a buddy-cop-action-film that may or may not involve dinosaurs. Rocco spent five years in the United States Navy and HAS AN MFA in Film Production FROM USC. When not writing or directing the next in-your-face action/comedy/horror epic, Rocco spends most of his time searching for Pokémon, eating bean burritos on his motorcycle, or writing third-person bios about himself.