SUNDAY | General Block 2

4:35 pm


Jeff Davis

Run Time

20 m 52 s



Content Warnings: 

Prescription Drug Abuse, Death, Language


Kansas City, MO


Two rebellious teenage skateboarders develop an addiction to opioids. It starts out fun but then spirals out of control.

More Info:

From the director:
"I had a few acquaintances with drug problems who ended up overdosing. The characters in the movie are fictitious but the problems are very real. I created this movie to help me understand the psychology of addiction and cope with the end result. I hope it generates some conversation about the issue. This film was shot on location in Kansas City, MO and Lawrence, KS."

Jeff Davis has always loved movies, but has only recently started making them. He is passionate about screenwriting, directing, cinematography and composing musical scores. An exciting opportunity allowed him to make his first short "Painkiller", and he hopes it leads to more opportunities in the near future. He resides in Kansas City, MO.