SUNDAY | General Block 1

12:30 pm

Mom Prep

Melissa Balint

Run Time

6 m 11 s


Drama, Fantasy

Content Warnings: 



New York, NY


A new mother finds a magical way to help her baby who is hospitalized in the NICU

More Info:

From the director:
"This film is incredibly personal to me. My twins were born early and had to spend a month in the hospital NICU. This is a supernatural spin on my experience but it's closer to my reality than any description could be."

MELISSA BALINT is a multi-hyphenate multi-racial multi-obsessive pop culture nerd and award-winning filmmaker with a directing focus who loves TV, tech, and cameras. She makes creative pieces that are about connecting with the weirdo in all of us. Melissa is the mother of wild twin toddlers and in between chasing them around she loves to talk about her Star Wars themed wedding and Buffy tattoo so only open the door to nerd-ery with her if you are prepared.