SUNDAY | General Block 2

3:40 pm

Forty Years from Now

John Manna

Run Time

19 m 25 s


Comedy, Drama

Content Warnings: 

Language, Drug Use


Mahopac, NY


Forty years after graduation, three High School friends reunite to fulfill a pact to dig up a coffee can they buried containing predictions and secrets written by their younger selves. The contents spark revelations about their past, while potentially changing the course of their futures.

This short, narrative film challenges the widely held belief that "you can never go back" while exploring tough questions of whether it's ever too late to chase a dream

More Info:

From the director:
"One advantage of being a first time director & writer later in life is my ability to infuse an appreciation for how fleeting life is, how important old friendships can be, and reflect on whether it's ever too late to chase a dream. **Spoiler Alert*** I am proof the answer is no, and without question, it is all about the journey.

I am smart enough to surround myself with incredible talent, many of them are young up and coming artists, and collaborating with them has made this journey priceless for me."

John Manna is a first time writer/director at age 58 whose passion for storytelling, combined with the idle time of the pandemic, came to life in the form of his first produced narrative short, Forty Years From Now. Born in the Bronx and raised in Westchester County, NY, John now resides in Mahopac, NY.

John is a business professional who has been writing creatively for decades, and if you've seen any of his work, it means that you've hacked into his computer. But that's all changing now. And at 58, he's just getting started.