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SUNDAY | Presentations

12:00 pm

Filmmaking 101

IX Film Productions


RH 207

Run Time

0h 50m

More Info:

If you've ever wanted to get into filmmaking, but aren't sure where to start, or aren't sure what you'd be able to do in the midwest, then this is the presentation for you. Patrick and Lolo will talk about how to get started in filmmaking when you're a beginner.

About the presenter:

Patrick and Lolo have been working together as a creative team since 2012. Together they have won many awards for their six feature films (including their newest rom-com Almost Sorta Maybe, currently doing the festival circuit) and dozen short films. They are the founders of the independent film label IX Film Productions in Kansas City, which produces comedy exclusively. They married in 2015 and live in Shawnee, KS with their three cats, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, and Dick Grayson. They are dedicated to making the world a funnier place, one film at a time.

Learn more about Patrick and Lolo at

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