SUNDAY | General Block 1

12:47 pm

Everybody Does It

Patrick Poe & Lolo Loren

Run Time

5 m 19 s



Content Warnings: 


Shawnee, KS


Friendships can bloom in the strangest of place.

A short film in which two coworkers overcome their differences and realize we're all just human in that place that is the great equalizer of us all - the bathroom.

More Info:

Patrick and Lolo have been working together as a creative team since 2012. Together they have won multiple awards for their five feature films and dozen short films, and founded the independent film label IX Film Productions in Kansas City, which produces comedy exclusively. They married in 2015 and live in Shawnee, KS with their five furry children: their Bullmastiff Hank McCoy and their four cats, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Dick Grayson and Sky Dragon. They are dedicated to making the world a funnier place, one film at a time.