SUNDAY | Best of the Fest

6:00 pm


Britt Raes

Run Time

11 m 51 s


Comedy, Drama

Content Warnings: 

Animal Death


Ghent, Belgium


A tragic comedy of a sweet little girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady.

More Info:

Winner of the 2019 Grand Jury Prize

From the director:
"I like chocolate, indie music, Totoro, NVC, checking my plants every day hoping they have grown, and riding my bike. I could bingewatch Steven Universe, Avatar (the animated series!), Tuca & Bertie, Adventure time, Bojack Horseman and One Punch Man again and again and again. Oh and also Hilda, Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall! If I’m reincarnated, I hope to come back as a cat named Fluffy. "

I graduated from KASK animation in Ghent in 2011. Since then I’ve been finding my way in illustration and animation, doing my own independent projects and commissioned work. In 2016 I finished my first individual professional short “Catherine”. It travelled the world to over 200 festivals, and it was a dream come true to travel along with it!

Currently I’m developing some new animated projects (for adults and for kids), and working on a children’s book. Besides doing commissioned illustration and animation every now and then.

If you like my style, and would love to work with me, want to use my work somewhere, or you just want to say hey, feel free to