SUNDAY | General Block 2

3:20 pm

Castleway Road

Jamie Hamill

Run Time

19 m 53 s



Content Warnings: 



Springfield, MO


"Castleway Road" is a short dramatic film that follows the story of Donna Remmie and her 18-year-old daughter Amy, as they are starting the process of moving out of their comfortable small-town home to live in a bigger city. When Amy is faced with leaving the only life she knows behind, she finds her mother’s old beauty pageant memorabilia. Donna’s true past as a national pageant contestant is revealed to Amy and from there we are introduced to Donna’s life competing in the 1975 Miss American Star Pageant. We follow Donna as she struggles to balance her own decisions and the decisions that are being made for her by her family. The story crosses between Donna’s past in 1975 and her present life with her daughter in 1993, as both women learn how much they really mean to each other.

More Info:

Jamie Hamill is a senior in the Missouri State University Electronic Arts program studying video and screenwriting. Jamie has worked on a variety of other student films as a 1st Assistant Director, and is thrilled to finally be working as a director. As director and screenwriter, Jamie wants the audience to feel as if they are immersed in a story that they can both relate to and learn from. Telling stories is one of her greatest passions, so finally being able to have the opportunity to do that is very important to her.