SUNDAY | General Block 2

4:14 pm

Carrier Pigeon

David J. Cantu

Run Time

17 m 10 s


Comedy, Action

Content Warnings: 


Wichita, KS


After taking on a paper route for the summer, a teenage boy has to deal with a local biker gang.

More Info:

David J. Cantu is an actor, writer and director originating from Winfield, KS. His interest in performing didn't start until joining his high school's theater program. It was around that same time that he began working with Tyler W. Moore on his early video projects. The two have been long time collaborators ever since, leading to his introduction to Illumination Cinema in 2017.

​While Cantu has taken on a diverse lineup of projects over time, his primary focus is on comedy, both with his acting and writing.