SUNDAY | General Block 1

2:01 pm


Ruth Mataya Gango

Run Time

14 m 3 s



Content Warnings: 

Physical Abuse


Salem, OR


This story begins with a child in a situation she has no control over, realizing that this is what the rest of her life looks like. One day, her teacher takes notice of the bruising on her arm. She is caught between fear it will get worse, and hope because someone is finally taking notice.

More Info:

From the director:
"I've wanted to share this film not only because it's based on a true story, but because the message is real to life. Everyone more than ever are surrounded by the distress of what is happening and I think of those kids who are home more with nowhere to go and if this is happening to them or some sort of abuse, I want them to see a happy outcome to a life that could be similar to the one I had. What better way to reach a child or a parent right now than through film? What better way to show what they could be doing is wrong and there are much better solutions. Teachers are to be commended even more now."

Mataya Garcia is an artist of all sorts. She covers painting, poetry, and film-making, but her biggest passion is her son, Ian. Growing up in a home that was difficult from the beginning and through many miraculous happenings, has led her to a life in Dubuque, Iowa where she is constantly involved in both the arts and charities. She also enjoys a fresh pina colada and dancing in the rain.