SUNDAY | General Block 1

1:09 pm

A Killing Conscience

Maverick Glaum

Run Time

11 m 39 s



Content Warnings: 



Lynchburg, VA


Michael, a hitman, begins having second thoughts about his profession. Hoping to rid his life of violence and start fresh he takes to online dating. Will the woman he finds be the love of his life, or his next target?

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From the director:
"I think people should watch this film because it speaks to everyone who is currently in a rut in their life, deciding whether or not they are doing the right thing. It is a thrilling tale about a moral conscience living inside of us. Even inside the mind of a hitman, a man who murders for money. Through the generous amount of outside donations, a great cast and crew, and the equipment from the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts center, I was able to pull off my vision of a man seeking a second chance in an occupation that refuses to allow it."

Maverick Glaum is a 2021 college graduate from the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center located in Virginia. Throughout his education he learned film theory and practice.

The last 2 years in his undergrad alone he worked with industry standard software, directed and edited videos for clients, and directed two short films. A week after graduation he worked as a Producer’s Assistant and Assistant Editor on an independent feature film.

As a writer, he wrote numerous comedy sketches for the Universities sketch show “After Curfew” and has written two short films, one produced, and an unproduced feature film.