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1:41 pm

Unspoken Casualties: The Heartbreak of the Pandemic

Cameron Lee

Run Time

21 m 25 s



Content Warnings: 



Houston, TX


Unspoken Casualties is a documentary that examines both the cause and effects of mental health and suicide of all age groups in the United States and features real people who have suffered from depression while having thoughts of suicide.

More Info:

Cameron Charles Lee is a Senior from Duncanville, TX and is currently majoring in Radio, Television, and Film at the illustrious Texas Southern University and currently serves as a student worker for the School of Communication.
While attending TSU, he became a student producer for TSU Studios producing shows such as The LockeRoom with David Butler and Fashion Walk with Keelenciaga. He has worked on several music videos, and films, and commercials with other professionals such as Roland Martin and Dr. Tyrone Dixon, producer of Roll Bounce and the recently debuted short film "Snipe Hunt". While majoring in RTF, Cameron received TSU Honors and joined The National Society of Leadership and Success - Sigma Alpha Pi and the ERM Alliance. Cameron has been recognized for his leadership at the School of Communication by professors, students, and staff including then university president Dr. Austin A. Lane and the TSU Board of Regents.
In addition to his studies, Cameron continues to build onto his company Alpha & Omega Media. The company will focus on creating unique and original film productions as well as the growth of it’s two subsidiaries Photography by Cameron and Code Green Digital- a platform dedicated to focusing on graphic design. He is also planning to pursue obtaining a master’s degree in film and digital media after graduation. In the long-term, he seeks to work for a major television network such as ABC and Fox and continuing to mentor his students that wish to follow his lead in pursuing film and digital media.