SATURDAY | After Dark

6:33 pm

The Return

Niko Baumbach

Run Time

22 m 40 s


Horror, Suspense

Content Warnings: 



Larkspur, CA


Years after the disappearance of her sister on a camping trip, Amy returns to the same forest to find closure. This time, however, she checks into a mysterious old inn.

More Info:

From the director:
"It had been a dream of mine to make The Return for two years before I finally made it happen during the summer of 2020. While the pandemic made production especially challenging, it forced me to be more creative and resourceful. I have become a better filmmaker because of it and am thankful for my extremely talented and supportive team. A year later, we have finally wrapped post production and I could not be more excited to share this little horror story with the world! Check out @the_return_film on Instagram for BTS content!"

Niko Baumbach grew up in Larkspur, California and has been a filmmaker since age seven. He has made at least one film a year for the last 15 years and has explored a number of genres. His current favorite is Horror. As a recent graduate from Santa Clara University, he is pursuing a career in the film industry.