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SATURDAY | After Dark

7:37 pm

The Night Clubbers

Dir. Matthew James Thomas

Run Time

15m 55s



Content Warnings: 



Brooklyn, NY


After getting laughed out of the PGA for choking on the green, a golf prodigy is forced to compete in his hometown mini-golf competitions for money... but when he shows up expecting an easy victory, he soon discovers that the "losers" he once stepped on are now the ones running the scene.

More Info:

Widely beloved for his title-role performances in Broadway's Pippin and Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (with U2's Bono and Edge), our fearless leader has worked with JJ Abrams, Gus Van Sant, Sam Mendes, Stephen Poliakoff, and countless other stage and screen titans. Matthew brought his decades of experience to the forefront when venturing to turn the traditional comedy genre on its head with this ambitious short film.

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