SATURDAY | After Dark

5:57 pm


Joshua J. Smith

Run Time

9 m 9 s


Drama, Comedy

Content Warnings: 

Sexual Assault, Drugging


Santa Monica, CA


After Wanda drugs her much younger date, she enlists the help of her sister, Carol, to drag him to a hotel room and figure out what to do next. The film is a non-stop drama that straddles the fabric of morality, feminism, aging and the dark power struggles of the soul, while still remaining a comedy.

More Info:

Joshua’s resume includes four short films and one documentary in which he served as writer, producer and director. The films have played in countless film festivals and won two Audience Awards: Austin Film Festival, Hill Country Film Festival. His most recent work includes directing comedy sketches for The Nerdist. He is also an accomplished feature film producer on the following award winning films; Pretty Ugly People starring Melissa McCarthy (The Boss) directed by Tate Taylor (The Help), Kabluey featuring Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and The Garage with Xander Berkley (Taken). He currently resides in Santa Monica, California.