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5:58 pm

Second Wind

Dir. Guy Gazit

Run Time

15m 16s



Content Warnings: 



Tel Aviv, Israel


Max and Dundi are childhood friends. Their relationship changes completely following a car accident where Max was the driver, leaving Dundi completely blind. Six months after the accident, they are living together in their hometown. Max, suffering from deep post trauma and guilt, is taking extra care of Dundi, helping with every facet of his life, even when it’s not necessary. As time goes on, Dundi gets fed up with Max’s excessive intrusiveness, desperate for the return of his freedom and independence. When words don't work with Max, Dundi begins to lose patience and decides to trick his best friend by his actions, hoping to demonstrate that he can manage and take care of himself, without his help. Max slowly realizes that he is “marking time”, and after a meaningful meltdown, understands the change he must make to get his life back.

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