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SATURDAY | After Dark

7:53 pm

One More Bite

Dir. Yaxing Lin

Run Time

18m 41s



Content Warnings: 

Disordered Eating


Los Angeles, CA


Jiuming who suffers from eating disorders for years finds herself deeply trapped in an indecent love affair; While restraining her desire for food, she refused the irresistible love...

More Info:

Yaxing Lin is a director, producer and cinematographer whose work spans fiction, nonfiction, and experimental projects. She studies at USC School of Cinematic Arts majoring in Film and TV Production, she is a recipient of the merit award of Edward Thomas Troutner fund. She interned at Producers Guild of America and ViacomCBS Inc Creative Producing Team. During her study and internships, she took part in the planning of "VMA China", the production of Season five of the television show <Young Sheldon> and the award-winning feature film <Four Ever Young>. She directed or produced multiple short films focusing on marginalized groups and topics including <One More Bite>, <Penis Girl> <Elephants Have No Tears> and so on. Her works have been selected to Vancouver Chinese Film Festival, UK Seasonal Short Film Festival and University Student Micro Film Contest Of China and etc.

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