SATURDAY | General Block

3:56 pm


Lawrence Murphy

Run Time

23 m 33 s



Content Warnings: 

Drug Use, Death


Perth, Australia


A young, beaten down scientist is given a new lust for life in a quest to defeat death and create immortality

More Info:

From the director:
"Oscar Millar (Lazy Films Co-Founder) came to me with a script idea that manifested whilst dealing with his grandmother's fight against cancer. The moment I read the concept, I was in and this film is dedicated to her. What you see now is the result of countless painstaking hours of challenges and set backs in the wake of the pandemic. The question at its core, time. It's ticking away and for some sooner than others, we wanted to liberate that narrative from reality and explore a new dialogue. Would you sacrifice the time you have left with a loved one, in an order to save them?"

Lawrence Murphy is an Australian filmmaker who was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He moved to the Gold Coast, Australia when he was 5 and stayed there till moving to Western Australia at the age of 19 to complete a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Civil Engineering from the University of Western Australia. After graduating and being employed, he very quickly realized his life's true passion. He quit engineering and began focusing on acting as a career, which has since lead him down a path that is everything filmmaking.

At the end of 2016, he auditioned and was accepted into The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts majoring in Performance Making, which honed his skills as an actor, writer, deviser and director. Lawrence co-founded the production company Lazy Films with good friend and fellow student Oscar Millar in 2019.

Lawrence has starred in Break the Surface (2019), Checkpoint (2019), Valuable (2019), Leonidas (2020), Bale (2021) and Immortal (2021). Lawrence has previously directed Valuable (2019) and Descent (2021).

Currently, he has shifted his focus to Lazy Films' first feature film 'Transition', to be filmed this November (2021).