SATURDAY | General Block

4:50 pm


Ryan Njenga

Run Time

6 m 37 s


Visual Poem, Drama

Content Warnings: 



Kansas City, MO


A timely visual poem that reminds us that the fight for racial equality is more than just a trend and asks "What does freedom mean to you, and how will you use it?"

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From the director:
"As things have “returned back to normal” this past year, I found myself just as frustrated with the world as I was the year before. With a new face in the office and the pandemic finally “over”, people have seemed to come under the belief that everything is okay. That, in this post-Trump America, anything is progress. That things could never go back to the way they were, so why change? I personally don’t believe that’s right at all. I could go on, but this film - something we made from the heart - will speak those beliefs louder than any caption ever could. I hope this film serves as a small reminder of the work that needs to be continued if we ever want to see real change in this country. And that you ask yourself, in this new year, in this new administration, will you continue the fight or will you remain complacent?

Most importantly though, its a love letter to our people. our beauty, our struggle and our continuous strive to prosper in the face of everything they throw at us. with love, to all the beautiful black souls out there: happy (belated) Juneteenth."

Ryan Njenga is an award-winning, independent filmmaker from Kansas City. His work explores the many facets of growing up in the internet age, as well as exploring themes of time, love and modern black life. He writes, edits and directs all of his pictures.