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2:50 pm

Good Listener

Dir. Fritz Robinson

Run Time

03m 41s



Content Warnings: 



Wichita, KS


A blind man has a conversation with a person reading the newspaper while sitting on a park bench.

More Info:

Fritz Robinson is a screenwriter, producer, and director. He has made short films and documentaries including,
Sparkleville, I Just Want To Make Movies, Morning Run, The Broken Key, Nobody’s Home, Diddle Dabble, Lights, Camera, Wichita, Encounter With Burt Lancaster, New Cinema - Reflections of Ol’ Flick and a Few Friends, and Good Listener. Fritz published the feature length screenplay, Don’t Look My Way, in paperback and e-book. He also enjoys assisting other filmmakers with their projects. His works have been screened in over 45 film festivals.

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