SATURDAY | After Dark

7:09 pm


Jacob Samuels

Run Time

13 m



Content Warnings: 

Sexual Assault, Suicide, Death, Violence


Oxford, MI


Suffering from an injury that she can't explain, a woman seeks the aid of a preacher who claims he has the power to heal her.

More Info:

From the director:
"Religion has always been deeply embedded in my life. I've had many experiences with different groups of the christian faith that both sharpened and hindered me. Now, as my time in university is coming to an end, I've been passionate to tell a story that asks "what is truth?" and to illuminate scenarios that can occur when extreme religious authority is put into the wrong hands."

Jacob Samuels cut his teeth as a filmmaker in his home town, Detroit, Michigan. He now attends film school at Belmont University, striving to marry his guerrilla filmmaking skills with professional Hollywood techniques. As a storyteller, he’s always been inspired to create narratives that tap into audience's dreams and nightmares; blending other-worldly elements into grounded scenarios. Motion pictures have provided him with spaces to learn about himself, and he wants to create those sorts of spaces for others.