SATURDAY | After Dark

6:17 pm


Anna Basse & Halle Charlton

Run Time

16 m


Drama, LGBTQ+

Content Warnings: 



New York, NY


A group of friends on an indie improv team await the results of an audition they think will change their lives. Their friendships are put to the test as they face heartbreak, jealousy and perhaps the most meaningless of all: long form improv.

More Info:

From the directors:
"the NY improv scene is typically a very hetero-cis-white-male space, and we wanted to make something that challenged that. Our comedy community is queer as all get out. It celebrates shapes, sizes, genders, sexuality, and races like it's friggin Pride. So while queerness plays a major part in this story, it's not a plot point.

We are proud to provide representation, especially in film, but we felt no need to comment on it. Queer community is a major and inherent part of our lives, as proved by the fact that 98% of our cast and crew are queer. By expressing the universal themes of ambition, passion, and moral ambiguity through queer characters, we are recognizing that identity is far more complex beyond gender and sexual orientation."