SATURDAY | Documentaries

12:38 pm

Cheeseburger: Mini Cooking

Cassie Leigh & Mike Briley

Run Time

6 m 25 s



Content Warnings: 



Wichita, KS


What in the world is mini cooking?
Take a step behind the camera and watch a miniature cheeseburger be created using real ingredients.

More Info:

Cassie Leigh is a fine miniature artist. She highlights her work in miniatures in light-hearted videos depicting real handmade food in miniature form. She continues to pursue her art in music, painting and miniatures. Loki will be missed.

From Cassie:
“I believe there is an unbalance of negativity in the world, I create and share my work to bring a smile and maybe a laugh to anyone who sees it.”

Mike Briley is a still photographer and filmmaker. He loves to share people's stories though his stills and movies.

From Mike:
“There is no right way or wrong way to take a photograph or make a film, there might be basic rules but how you use them is up to you."