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SATURDAY | Family Friendly

10:26 AM

The Blood Stone

Dir. Ernesto M. Diaz

Run Time

17m 54s



Content Warnings: 

A little spooky


North Miami, FL


A young girl must find her internal courage when her brother and babysitter are both taken on Halloween night by a vicious ghost who drains its victims of their blood. She finds out that she is not a mere mortal and the ghost was sent after her by a jealous demigod unknown to her. Guardian, shadow creatures, demigods, humans & spirits all fight for control on this all hallows eve.

More Info:

Ernesto M. Diaz is a Director, Writer, & Cinematographer born in Peru and raised in South Florida. He grew up hearing stories from his grandfather and father that pushed his creativity into filmmaking, because everything he read or heard always played out in his head. After working several years in the industry he went back to school and graduated at the top of his class with multiple awards and a Bachelors Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. In 2014 he opened Tartarus Creative Brain Lab and focus on full time filmmaking.

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