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If you've ever considered donating to No Coast, please keep us in mind on Emporia Area Match Day 2023

We're thrilled to say that we have been selected as a participant in the Emporia Community Foundation's annual Emporia Area Match Day event!

The Emporia Community Foundation (ECF) partners with area donors and organizations once a year to make your donation dollars go further. During the 10th annual Emporia Area Match Day, 35 area organizations that have been invited to participate in the 2023 Emporia Area Match Day will be working for their share of the highest match pool to date of $175,000

Individual donations of up to $1000 to No Coast Film Fest during the designated period (October 2 - November 13) could be matched by ECF. 


No Coast Film Fest has been a labor of love, by a group of volunteers who love film and love Emporia. To that end we've poured our hearts, time, and pockets into the festival, but things like getting filmmakers to Emporia from local airports, venue rental, awards, site hosting, marketing, and dozens of other small costs really add up.

We've made it part of our mission to put No Coast on for free each year, to make sure we are as accessible to as many people as possible, so any and all gifts, offers of support, and endorsements are welcome. Our entire team is made of volunteers, so all proceeds go directly to the festival.

With the support of people like you–who care about Emporia, and want to see it thrive– we can continue our mission to connect people through great films, lively conversation, and an unforgettable experience.

No Coast Film Fest staff working on the 2021 Festival.jpg
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