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Opening Night

6:52 PM

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My First Native American Boyfriend

Dir. Joey Clift

Run Time

04m 45s



Content Warnings: 



North Hollywood, CA


Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every microaggression she has ever made against Native Americans.

From using the term “Spirit Animal,” to that time that she dressed like Pocahontas from the Disney movie when she was five, Emily has a lot of white guilt that she needs absolved, and her first Native American boyfriend is the only person who can help her on this quest for self-acceptance. If it goes well, maybe he’ll even let her join the tribe!

More Info:

Joey Clift is a comedian, TV writer, and enrolled Cowlitz Indian Tribal Member, currently working as a staff writer on the Netflix Kids animated fantasy adventure series Spirit Rangers. He was named one of Uproxx’s “26 Native American Comedians To Follow in 2020,” his award-winning animated short film “Telling People You’re Native American When You’re Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You’re A Bear When You’re Not A Bear” recently finished a long and successful festival run, and most importantly, he created the LA Underground Cat Network, which is a 14,000-member strong Facebook group for Los Angeles comedians to share pictures of their cats. He's kind of a cat guy.

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