Opening Night

7:22 PM

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Alex Parkinson

Run Time

7 m 48 s



Content Warnings: 



Marietta, Georgia


A group of 40-year-old men navigate their friendship as their peloton threatens to break apart.

More Info:

From the director:
"MAMILs dives into the tightly knit subculture of Middle Aged Men in Lycra. Turning 40 means you are now eligible to join a group of MAMILs, but what happens if you don’t know how to ride a road bike? We wanted to explore what happens when a member of our neighborhood group selfishly chooses getting a latte at the coffee shop over teaching their newest member (and longtime friend) learn how to ride a bike so they can all get lattes together.

Ultimately, MAMILs is a story about male-bonding and rectifying mistakes."

Jonathon is a director, actor, and editor. As a filmmaker, he tells stories through comedic characters built on a foundation of truth and vulnerability.