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Opening Night

7:34 PM

No Coast Marquee.jpg

Hold Me, Don't Touch Me

Dir. Adrian Todd Zuniga

Run Time

08m 31s



Content Warnings: 



Paradise Point, Queensland, Australia


Disconsolate over the death of her child, Aidy skips grief counseling and enters a pub on a freezing London evening. Soon, her melancholic night is interrupted by Stella, an eager but ill-equipped stranger intent on helping Aidy.

More Info:

Adrian Todd Zuniga was nominated for a WGA Award for LONGSHOT (featuring Mahershala Ali) and co-wrote the sequel, LONGSHOT: HOMECOMING (featuring Joey King). He's an award-nominated novelist; the host and creator of Literary Death Match and Oscar-nominee/novelist Tom Perrotta called his writing "funny and full of dark surprises.” HOLD ME, DON'T TOUCH ME is his directorial debut.

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